Last month when I was writing about the candidates standing in the election I did not know that another candidate was just about to enter the race. In fact it came as a major surprise for many people when Mick Wallace announced on the Vincent Brown show that he had decided to seek election.
Mick Wallace is instantly recognisable because of his long hair and his pink t-shirts. He is a builder and property developer and owns wine bars and coffee shops. He owns the local League of Ireland soccer team and he writes in the local newspaper about them.

Not your typical politician!

As you can see from the picture above he is not a typical looking politician. He does not go in for the clean cut pin-stripe image that has even been adopted by Sinn Fein with their ballot box in one hand and Armani suit in the other!

The first time I ever heard him speak was back in March 2007 when he made an appearance on the Late Late Show. I remember watching it at the time and thinking to myself that he was a unique individual because he was prepared to say unpopular things about politicians and other property developers and he was even prepared to go as far as talking about a tax loophole that was being used by many property developers.
When I heard that he was running for election I decided to try and look back on that Late Late Show appearance in order to remind myself of exactly what he said. I was delighted to discover that RTE do allow us to look back that far.
He could not be described as a slick or cool talker. He talks like a regular man from Wellington Bridge but he convinced me that he genuinely cares about people and society. I would therefore recommend readers to have a look back at that Late Late Show on the RTE Player and try to remember that he spoke at a time when Fianna Fail was still the biggest political party and the political elite were predicting a soft landing.

After I watched that Late Late Show appearance I began to follow his campaign and one friend of mine joined his campaign.
Naturally enough I had a look at his website and I was delighted to see that he wanted people to ask him questions and he would give a videoed response. Compared to the other candidates this was great stuff even though I originally thought everyone would do it. (You can still see those videos on his website and I presume they will stay on YouTube for a long long time.)

In the end Mick Wallace must have done something right because he topped the poll and is now a member of the Dail.

As I write this it appears that the most likely government will be a Fine Gael / Labour coalition and it will have a massive majority. In this situation it is not obvious what Mick will be able to do as an Independent back bench TD. Only time will tell but I presume it might be worth writing about at some future date. Now comes the really hard part for him. (I just hope he won’t become as disillusioned as fast as George Lee)

Last month I mentioned that I hoped Liam Twomey would call to my door because I wanted to hear him speak for himself. He did not call but his wife did. Unfortunately I did not get to talk to her. My wife Siobhan spoke to her but it became quite clear after a couple of minutes that they she not want to engage in a meaningful conversation. I am not sure which is worse, not calling or calling and then trying to get away as fast as possible.
Over the whole campaign they were the only ones to call to our door but that is not a great surprise given where we live.

The other thing I commented on last month was the lack of a dedicated website for the second Labour Candidate Pat Cody. I just want to highlight that no website ever appeared. Incredible! Labour needs to think about what they are up to.

In conclusion I just want to say that a lot of Wexford people voted for change but given the national result they may end up seeing very little.

Buffett Annual Newsletter
The annual newsletter was published on Feb. 26th. It is still worth a read but I have to say that perhaps he is running out of new things to say. His discussion on the dangers of debt should be well known to most readers of Buffett. The letter from his grandfather therefore is nice to read but does not bring any particular new insight.

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