In opinion piece 62 I wrote about a new initiative I was involved in to promote the approach to investment known as "Value Investing". (This initiative has resulted in the creation of a website that can be seen at
I have written a number of articles for the website and they are more time consuming than my opinion pieces because they are more detailed in nature. At the moment I am in the middle of doing some interesting research on the financial health of corporate pensions in the Japanese market and I hope to write an interesting article on the subject for the website.
Doing this research has been quite time consuming. I have therefore found myself in a situation where I have struggled to find the time to run my business, write monthly opinion pieces as well as research the article for the Value Investment Institute (not to mention the demands of three children and the desire to play the odd game of golf!). There are just not enough hours in the day to do all of these things and therefore I have decided to reduce the frequency of my opinion pieces. From 2013 I will be writing my opinion pieces on a quarterly basis. I hope that this will maintain the quality of all my writing and I encourage everyone to read all the articles on the Value Investment Institute website as well as my opinion pieces on this website.
My target is to get my first quarterly out by the end of March so I look forward to writing four interesting opinion pieces in 2013.

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