I believe that performance can only truly be judged on a long term basis but the difficult question is what is long term? In my mind the minimum that can be considered long term is 5 years. I therefore decided not to have a separate section on performance on my website until 5 years had passed.
My personal source of investment capital was the sale of our house in Dublin in 2006 (pure luck to be able to sell at the peak of a bubble) and I was able to put together my portfolio in 2007. 2008 was therefore the first full calendar year from which I can measure my performance. It is therefore from the end of 2012 that I have 5 full calendar years to report.


I have not incurred the expense of proper performance measurement software and I have not paid an expert to audit my performance. I can therefore only say that any numbers I provide are an approximation based on my personal calculations using the records provided by my broker. The limitations of my calculations include:

  • No management fee charged
  • Dividends and interest only accounted for when received
  • Taxation of dividends based on Irish tax rules and with the added limitation caused by my broker not being able to reclaim some foreign withholding taxes that are officially reclaimable.
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) not included in the calculations as these are paid separately.
  • In other words any numbers provided are meant as a rough indication and that is why I do not intend going to even 1 decimal place.
It should also be remembered that I can invest in some very small companies (the smallest so far being €20m) and this would be difficult for larger investors.


I use the MSCI Developed World Index in Euros as my benchmark for comparison purposes.



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