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Last year I wrote about how my DAPHT portfolio (Diageo, Atea, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Hostelworld and Total Produce) had been far from daft because they had been the major outperformers in my portfolio. This year unfortunately, my DAPHT portfolio did indeed turn out to have a daft performance because I ended up with a double- digit negative return underperforming the index by 4%. This time DAPHT had slightly different constituents because the D didnt stand for Diageo it was DCC and the A wasnt Atea but was ASM Pacific whereas the others were the same as last year. Both DCC and ASM were original members of the portfolio when it was started back in 2007 and have outperformed over the long term and they are therefore good examples of my core philosophy of trying to find quality companies that can be put away for the long term. I hope to be able to report in years to come that all of my DAPHT holdings justified my faith in them. Watch this space to see how I get on.

(I wrote about DCC in my December 2018 opinion piece and in it I explain my reasons for why it remains one of my top 10 holdings)

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